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SAHRA TARABAR Shipping & International Transport Co: 

International Transportation Services (Railing, Land, Sea and Air Transport) 

The transportation of all the import-export products and transition to countries such as ( Europe- Central Asia -  Afghanistan – Pakistan and so on)  by utilizing  comprehensive facilities and equipment (Land / Sea/ Railing and Air)

The transportation of raw products and oil products by Tanker Truck depend and rely on Fleet Coverage

The potentiality and capability of transporting light and heavy Automobiles 

The transportation of product KANTIZI Products from AMIRABAD, ANZALI,   and ABBAS Port and to all the most significant ports specifically Port AQTAU, Kazakhstan, and Mahesh Kala- DAGHESTAN Astrakhan- Russia- Dubai- Chine and so on and vice versa

Chartering Procedure and transporting bulk products from the whole inside and overseas countries 

The exclusive and official Agency Sarilar Heavy Equipment Co includes all the machines and equipment with different capacities 

Executing the related issues to the exhibition affair – Custom Release and transporting the exhibition goods and Cargos and projects in and out of the countries

The Transition of the Products in and out of the Country from the whole origins with favor of the whole VIP Facilities

Organizing and Monitoring the whole transportation ways such as Direct, Transshipment and Partial-shipment 



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About Us

SAHRA TARABAR: Shipping and International Transport Company: Shipping and International Transport Co with more than 45 years experience in Transport field with its enriching and bonding experience with modern and well equipped technology and as well as expert and efficient personnel's has been considered and ranked as top and prominent Shipping and International Transport Co is ready to rep ...


Road Transport

Shipment to Europe and CIS countries, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Syria, Lebanon, Beirut, Uzbekistan .... Transportation of import and export good ...

Airy Transport

Shipping to all over the world in the fastest time possible. ...

Sea Transport

Combined land and sea transportation to all ports on the entire neighboring countries and vice versa China - Dubai - Kazakhstan - ... ...

Railway Transport

Transportation of containerized and bulk cargo .... To neighboring countries and transit shipments from neighboring countries Land, sea rail combin ...